Why Us


Industry Knowledge. Case Expertise. Service.

The firm’s name partners are involved in examining your long-term legal and business objectives, targeting different possible conclusions for each case and setting the tactical goals to achieve your strategic objectives. They provide leadership and direction to the firm’s associates who are also highly experienced in insurance litigation. Each associate is trained in the Bain & Barkley method of case management and execution of the firm’s operating ethos.

Bain & Barkley

Operating Ethos

“Deliver optimum client service. Central to this ethos is providing each carrier with the level of personal and tailored service integral to its success.”

Strategic Litigation Management

When appropriate, we utilize alternate discovery methods and approaches in order to expedite fact finding and case resolution, so most cases that should settle, do so sometimes within 90 days. This allows for a lower cost without compromising the quality of defense for the insureds.

Bain & Barkley’s customized pricing makes case management both efficient and predictable for our clients. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the carrier’s success in claims management.

“All attorneys are trained in Bain & Barkley's proprietary method of case management. As part of our attorneys’ professional development, ongoing training is conducted in recent developments in the practice areas we serve.”

Michael "Tate" Barkley"

Bain & Barkley offers rate arrangements tailored to each client’s case management requirements. Both our competitive hourly fee and our fixed-fee arrangements offer clients the same level of service and data generation. This affords greater control, enabling clients to focus spending, predict case costs and mitigate risk. In addition, the firm's fixed-fee billing programs means one-entry billing at staggered points in the litigation process, saving clients time and energy, while giving your company certainty in L&E exposure.