Data-Driven. Relationship Focused.


Better Results for Our Clients at Lower and Predictable Pricing

We handle both first- and third-party cases involving automobile and homeowner policies. From the start of each engagement, we focus on providing data that will help our clients to develop cost management practices, litigation management strategies, and preventative cost and expense measures, while improving operational performance and lowering costs. Our extensive experience has given us deep expertise in coverage and policy issues, as well as in managing insurance companies’ needs in first-party, third-party, and bad faith litigation involving personal insurance lines. As part of our attorneys’ professional development, ongoing training is conducted in recent developments in the practice areas detailed below.

Auto Liability Defense

The firm’s attorneys are versed in all arguments and have managed virtually every type of policy, loss or claim.

First-Party Homeowners

Bain & Barkley’s expertise comprises coverage investigations, opinions and defense in first- and third-party suits.

Storm Cases

Bain & Barkley helps carriers defend against storm suits throughout Texas, including firestorms, windstorms, hailstorms and tornadoes.

Coverage Issues

Bain & Barkley offers expert counsel to clients on coverage issues that are unique to limited liability policies.

Fraud Investigation

Bain & Barkley has provided expert counsel and conducted internal and external fraud investigations for corporations in a variety of industries, as well as nationally known, small P&C and non-standard insurance carriers.


After 27 years practicing Civil Litigation, Michael Tate Barkley has added Mediator to his credentials. Bain & Barkley is pleased to offer this valuable service to our clients.